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Elisha Vorontsov
Elisha Vorontsov

The Neon Wave

The neon waves have a life of their own, undulating and pulsating with a sense of energy and vibrancy. The blue waves are like the ocean, beckoning you to dive into their depths and explore the unknown. The green waves are like a forest, lush and vibrant, teeming with life. The yellow waves are like the sun, casting a warm glow on everything around them. And the red waves are like a flame, burning brightly and igniting passion in those who behold them.

The Neon Wave

If there's a will there's a wave, just like our Stone Wave Ring! In a shimmering silver finish, this classic ring design is bringing the ocean to life with neon blue beads that pair perfectly with our other neon styles!

Neon light artist Josh Averill creates literal electric are, restores vintage neon signs and art in his neon studio. Tom Dymora introduced Averill to neon, sparking his passion for the art form. Josh often collaborates with artist Eddie Schingeck to create a fusion of mixed media art.

During the day, the photosynthetic organisms swim upward toward the light, creating a thin, dense layer near the surface. Then bioluminescent dinoflagellates, when disturbed by waves, a passing boat or even a sea creature, make the water look bright blue.

Not all red tide leads to glowing waves; a bloom last April that has some experts worried for sea birds was not the kind that lit up the night. The glowing kind of red tide has been seen sporadically from South Bay to San Diego the past few years, most times tough to track or staying just a few nights at a time.

Last year, the neon waves were first documented off Newport Beach, but this year the bright blue waves were reported first off Dana Point and Laguna Beach starting about a week ago. The bioluminescence has shown up almost nightly since, some areas showing just hints of blue and other spots bright and bold.

The Cotton-Mouton effect (magnetic field induced linear birefringence) has been studied for neon and argon using state-of-the-art coupled cluster techniques. The coupled cluster singles, doubles and triples (CCSDT) approach has been used to obtain static benchmark results and the CC3 model with an approximate treatment of triple excitations to obtain frequency-dependent results. In the case of neon the effect of excitations beyond triples has also been estimated via coupled cluster calculations including quadruple excitations (CCSDTQ), pentuple excitations (CCSDTQP), etc. up to the full configuration-interaction level. The results obtained for the anisotropy of the hypermagnetizability Deltaeta(omega), the molecular property that determines the magnetic field induced birefringence of spherically symmetric systems, are Deltaeta=2.89 a.u. for neon and Deltaeta=24.7 a.u. for argon, with a negligible effect of frequency dispersion. For neon we could estimate an absolute error on Deltaeta of 0.1 a.u. The accuracy of these results surpasses that of recently reported experimental data.

Coherent narrow-band extreme-ultraviolet (EUV) light is generated by a near-resonant four-wave mixing (FWM) process between attosecond pulse trains and near-infrared pulses in neon gas. The near-resonant FWM process involves one vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) photon and two near-infrared (NIR) photons and produces new higher-energy frequency components corresponding to the ns/nd to ground-state (2s22p6) transitions in the neon atom. The EUV emission exhibits small angular divergence (2 mrad) and monotonically increasing intensity over a pressure range of 0.5-16 Torr, suggesting phase matching in the production of the narrow-bandwidth coherent EUV light. In addition, time-resolved scans of the NIR nonlinear mixing process reveal the detection of a persistent, ultrafast bound electronic wave packet based on a coherent superposition initiated by the VUV pulse in the neon atoms. This FWM process using attosecond pulses offers a means for both efficient narrow-band EUV source generation and time-resolved investigations of ultrafast dynamics. 041b061a72

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