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Julian Nguyen

Sound Solution 1.31b (Winamp Plugin, The One WITH All The Presets!) 12 ((HOT))

Page 11 ? - What on earth is this doing so far down the list?The interface might not be pretty, and not necessarily intuitive, (and I haven't spent the time to RTFM) but it aint half powerful.I don't want to denigrate the other plug-ins, they are pobably very good, but so many of them just provide a few or only a single function. Many of those functions are present in this module.This plug-in is so seductive it is dangerous. Depending on the settings, you can put on the track that you have played so many times that you have become bored with it. Fire up sound solutions and tweak I challenge you not to be able to find something that you did not know was there.Nice one Alessandro. Any chance of an update? Prettier interface? Pop-ups with an explanation of the functions.? - November 12, 2005 by Brett Wing

Sound Solution 1.31b (Winamp plugin, the one WITH all the presets!) 12

Professional Stuff - Although I am a fan of simple things - Sound Solution is everything but no simple - I am astonished with the sound quality we can obtain with this plug-in. Its fully documented and one has to spend a little time to adjust the sound but once properly done, its an exquisite piece of sound processing.Last version - v.1.2b - is much more complete and come with some presets that are really handy. Also its \"footprint\" its much smaller which its good for slower machines.All in all, an impressive DSP plug-in.If however someone finds it too much complicated, I can suggest the CompWide alternative ?n these pages - January 9, 2004 by Artur Nogueira

About plugin and Mad Chicken comment - hello,we are a lpfm station in south dakota, we were using an orban 8200 up until we found this plugin, it is truly amazing, while not everything a broadcast provessor is included, it outperforms most normal programs.we are designing a hardware bow with a dsp board, and lcd screen, and buttons programmable to tune the audionow about the user "mad chicken"lpfm and micropower radio or "pirates" as you so rudely branded them, exist to make a difference in the community, not sound like a commercial stations clone, may we suggest that you concentrate more on your content and your volunteer activitym rather on how "big" you sound, the truth is without a license the fcc can squish you like a amount of signal processing is gonna hide you, and please use good mics, it is the quickest way for a listener to figure you out, no processor will hide a bad mic setup.on the positive note: the reason your signal is clearer is because you have filled more of the spectral wave of your signal, and people on your fringe area= the area at the end of the signal) will get a stronger signal.just dont get caught up in cloning the big guys, concentrate on what its all about , making a differencepswe made a prest perfect for fm transmission, anyone who would like to use thisfor their station, email us at [email protected]several engineers helped custmoize this, out put never falls below -2.9 and signal sounds really good.(disclaimer) may not work for your setup and\or equipment , use at YOUR OwN RISKklnk fm team - December 2, 2003 by klnk fm

Bugs Fixed - Hi everybody,for those who are experiencing problems, with the help of some friends, i started a little webpage to put on the latest releases of sound solution.The bug has been solved in the new version and you can download it at my homepage.Sorry, nobody is perfect :)ByeAlessandro Tomassini - May 10, 2003 by Alessandro Tomassini

Competing with orban 8400 - Using plugin of gone out from Winamp, sqrsoft advanced crossfade, activated sound solution already regulated with a good limitation in hf limiter to avoid sibilation... In the part of dsp / Winamp's Effects, I activated izotope ozone in preset "default with less sparkle" to bring more serious to the final sound, more "punch"... does it Want to know??? It was better, but very better than Orban 8400 of 10,500 dolares that to 103,7 fm uses here in Shark - Santa Catarina...I linked in a Generator of stereo and in a transmitter of 0,3 watts, where who generated the sound was a plate soundblaster live value 5.1 .Observation: I only did not manage to take reverber of izotope, but outside that, was sensational, because sound solution multiband just is sensational, a work of a specialist, and I could compare you to Bob Orban, with who already I talked for email... You would owe registra him and to try to create a hardware that can take the delay in the processing; but the hardware would have to be as a sound board, or a peripheric of computer, because it would be in terms of broadcast, the solution that would revolutionize the broadcasting market, without having an exaggerated price... - April 10, 2003 by Simon Silveira

Version 1.72 is INCREDIBLE - I have been using this plugin, version 1.72 (NOT 1.75 -- it's crashy), for years now, and it is extremely stable and works *fantastically* except for long silences in the middle of songs, where it gets a bit hung up for some reason (probably searching its butt off for the end of the song). I have found NOTHING better for crossfading in Winamp.It works STUPENDOUSLY with Sound Solution 1.31b as its post-fade compressor. These two plugins combined turn Winamp into a DJ's secret weapon. I used them at a party and came out a star. - June 10, 2005 by John Paquette

More than meets the eye here! - The beauty of this plugin goes far beyond the ability to be able to crossfade from track to track. It allows you to finally be able to produce the crossfade in your shoutcast with one computer, wheras before you couldn't incorporate the crossfade into your shoutcast without feeding the crossfaded audio into the soundcard of a second computer, and then streaming the audio from that computer. You can do this by using the muchFX plugin, running that within the DSP tab on the crossfader, and then running the shoutcast plugin (and RockSteady if you like) from within much fx. Best thing since sliced bread.Mike Walker - October 3, 2001 by Mike Walker

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