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Elisha Vorontsov

Wiring Diagram Avr An 5 203 | Tested

the wi-fi capabilities of this blu-ray player are limited to the 802.11b/g/n standards, which is why the wi-fi media streaming is not as robust as other comparable players. however, this blu-ray player is compatible with the 802.11a/n standard. we tested it using an 802.11n wireless adapter, and the results were not as good as other 802.11n-enabled players we tested.

wiring diagram avr an 5 203 | tested


when professional engineers and consultants are involved in specifying a power supply for a project, they are becoming increasingly aware of this, and require that a set is tested to the standards, and at the nameplate rating. this means non-unity, or resistive/inductive load testing. iso 8528 specifies that test reports should note if tests have been done at a power factor which is different than the rated one. usually this means that tests done with a purely resistive load can be considered incomplete.

the power supply i have used to demonstrate this procedure is a standard home-style bench supply. the power factor is 0.5, so this is a good case of a non-unity load. the problem is that in order to remove the load-test probes from the set, you will need to disconnect the main power supply. this could be a problem. if you are going to use this setup to demonstrate this procedure, remove the wires from the main power cable and connect the wires to the bench supply to make the test. the procedure is almost exactly the same, except that the only resistive loads are the ones on the capacitors. this is the reason for their high ratings and why they do not normally exceed 50ma. the only time you will probably want to exceed this is if you are trying to charge the capacitors with the generator. in this case, the supply will still be connected to the generator, and will still be working. this can cause a dangerous situation if the wiring is not done properly.

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