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The finger you wear it on says something about you.

Every piece of jewelry you wear reflects your personality, your experiences and emotions.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, and promise rings carry lots of symbolic meaning however, how you wear them could convey a message.

This article will examine the meaning behind the finger you choose to wear your engagement ring and what it says about you.

The meaning behind the finger on which to wear the engagement ring

In a lot of Western cultures, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left hand, and specifically on the fourth finger, referred to as the ring finger.

This symbolic gesture has ancient roots: it was believed that a direct vein connected the finger that wore the ring to the heart which makes it the perfect location to wear a symbol of affection and commitment.

The engagement ring worn on the left hand is useful, especially for those who primarily use their right hand.

Since the majority of people are right-handed the ring is not susceptible to damages or knocks during your daily activities.

In many different cultures like the Orthodox Christian and Jewish, the engagement ring will be worn on the right.

The finger you wear your engagement ring is an individual decision that will reflect your values and preference.

What do different ringings on fingers and finger rings have to do with it?

Each finger has a unique significance and wearing rings can convey a unique message.

This is what each finger can symbolize:

First Finger (Index). The first finger is connected to self-esteem, confidence, and leadership.

Wearing diamonds on this finger can convey a strong personality and assertive presence.

It is nevertheless important to take into account the traditions of your culture prior to making a decision, since in certain cultures, the first finger is considered to be a sign of marriage.

Second Finger (Middle) Second Finger (Middle) finger symbolizes values and the responsibilities.

Wearing a ring on this finger can indicate a person who takes life seriously and is committed to his obligations.

It's the perfect ring for a bold, clear design that captures attention and communicates confidence.

Third Finger (Ring finger) The Ring is the finger that is traditionally associated with marriage.

Wearing a ring here will send a message to your partner of your love and devotion.

It's the perfect finger for a diamond solitaire, the symbol of union and promise.

Little Finger: The tiny finger can be a symbol of the status of a professional and also education.

Wearing a ring will aid in communicating your education particularly when you work in a professional environment.

It's a subtle yet meaningful way to show your personality and accomplishments.

In conclusion, every finger has its own significance and wearing a ring on it can send a distinct message.

Choosing which finger to put your diamond engagement ring is a personal choice, telling your story and expressing your emotions.

Choose the ring and finger that best represents you and your partner and let your ring be the story to the world.

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When you are dealing with such important jewelry, it is crucial to strike an equilibrium between quality and price.

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A Unique Engagement Ring

When you've found the perfect diamond Our team of professional gemologists can make a piece that truly reflects your vision.

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We only use the highest quality materials, like 18-karat gold, and apply methods of craftsmanship passed down from generation the next generation, to ensure your jewellery is truly unique.

We guide you in choosing between engagement rings

We know that choosing an engagement ring is an important and personal choice.

We are available to help you every step of the way.

Our team of experts in gemology is available to provide advice and support.

They can help you choose the perfect diamond and setting that is a reflection of your unique style and love.

You can shop with confidence knowing you're making the right choice for your future together.

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Everyday we see clients arriving at our store with concerns about such an important choice and we wanted to offer a welcoming and familiar environment so that you can make your choice in peace and without anxiety.

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Through a video call, you can ask us any questions you want to know and then watch your dreams come to fruition.

You also be able to witness the amazing moment of setting the diamond.

Watching the coveted jewel be created in front of your eyes is an emotion that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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