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Micah Beavers
Micah Beavers

Ideating Pedagogy In Troubled Times: Approaches...

Thomas, P.L. (2019). Reflection: Teaching and writing as activism: Can scholars be too literal in post-truth Trumplandia? In S.L. Raye, S. Masta, S.T. Cook, & J. Burdick (eds.), Ideating pedagogy in troubled times: Approaches to identity, theory, teaching and research (pp. 157-164). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Ideating Pedagogy in Troubled Times: Approaches...

Gibbs, B. C. (2019). Violence, horror, and the visual image: How teachers speak about the difference between the use of photographs of war and photographs of lynching. Ideating pedagogy in troubled times. 041b061a72

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