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How to Use GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1-SSQ for Engine Performance, Exhaust Aftertreatment, Vehicle Dynamics, and More

in march 2009 china guangdong nuclear power corporation and china huaneng group jointly announced plans to build a nuclear power plant at sanming. reportedly financial and technical terms would be discussed on a contractual basis. however, few other details were given. sanming was the site for a pilot plant (one hualong one) built with the funds invested by snpec. further engineering work was undertaken at the site in june 2009.

GT-SUITE 7.4 Build 1-SSQ

in september 2013 siemens was contracted to build and commission the first stage of a 620 mwe cooling tower at dafan. when finished, the plant will be capable of 100% load-following from its 20,000 mwe hualong one reactor. a further tower is currently under construction at wulong near changzhou, to complement the existing 931 mwe tower at dafan. according to the company plans, the first hualong one reactor should be commissioned in 2015 and the second some years later. there is further planned for the construction of a twin cooling tower at sanming but this may not be carried out in time for the sanming stage, if it is at all.

in march 2013 asiatech signed a u.s. $1.8 billion contract for the assembly of two reactors at the sanmen nuclear power plant, near fujian province. china huaneng group and snerdi together invested 100 million yuan to fund the deal. in the initial phase a total of 200 workers and about 6,000m of materials will be used to construct the plant, which has been designed to supply 150 megawatts of electricity. it will be the first u.-built and u.-supplied ap1000 reactor in the world.the first unit was completed in august 2014. the second unit was completed in january 2015. in september 2015 siemens was awarded a contract to build and commission the third unit. later in the month it was announced that a fourth ap1000 unit would also be added. by the end of 2016 the sanmen facility will consist of four ap1000 reactors, each with an output of 620 mwe net.

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