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Micah Beavers

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filter forge is compatible with all popular graphic editing applications such as paint shop pro, photoshop, corel photo-paint, corel draw, gimp, and many more. every filter forge filter is resolution independent. you can easily adjust the filter resolution from 1 to 16x16 pixels.

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filter forge includes an extensive list of helpful tools that make working with filters easy. filter forge features a new preview window that enables you to preview the effects of a filter on your image. its preview window is easy to use and displays the final filtered image, as well as all the settings used in the process.

filter forge supports a variety of popular graphic editing applications and is compatible with all popular graphics editing software. it can enhance your existing images or create new ones. filter forge lets you apply a large selection of filters, distortions, and color adjustments to images. its powerful visual filter editor makes it easy to create many different and unique filters.

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