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Watch 15 Rumors [WORK]

According to rumors, Apple is bringing some big new feature of the iPhone 14 Pro to the rest of its iPhone lineup this year. That includes the Dynamic Island and the A16 Bionic chip. USB-C is expected to make an appearance for the first time, marking a massive shift in charging your iPhone.

Watch 15 Rumors

Previous rumors of the return of Touch ID seem to be unfounded, at least in terms of iPhone 14. It might make a return in the future, but Face ID is expected to be the only biometric authentication system offered in 2023.

Though there have been ongoing rumors suggesting Apple has considered bringing Touch ID back to its flagship iPhones using an under-display solution, the iPhone 15 models are not expected to include Touch ID and will continue to use Face ID.

You've probably heard rumors about Apple's plan to adopt a periscope zoom lens for the iPhone 15, but it will be limited to the larger-sized iPhone 15 Pro Max. The iPhone 15 Pro will get a standard zoom lens, and the iPhone 15 models will be limited to the Wide and Ultra Wide lenses.

Apple will use Qualcomm's 5G modem chips for the 2023 iPhone 15 lineup, as it has done since 5G iPhones were introduced. There were rumors suggesting that Apple could use its own in-house modem chips as soon as 2023, but the technology won't be ready until 2024 at the earliest.

This roundup highlights everything that we know about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max based on circulating rumors. The iPhone 15 Pro is expected to measure in at 6.1 inches, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be 6.7 inches, identical to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

There have been rumors of some tweaks to the chassis of the two Pro models. Leaker ShrimpApplePro has said that the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected feature thinner, curved bezels compared to the iPhone 14 Pro models. The displays would remain flat despite the slimmer, curved edges, a design likened to the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8.

Instead of stainless steel, rumors suggest that Apple will transition to titanium this year, using it for the frame of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. Compared to stainless steel, titanium is lighter and stronger, but it is also more expensive because it is harder to work with.

The iPhone 15 Pro models could be available in a dark red color, close to a maroon or a burgundy shade. Apple often provides one new color each year, and rumors suggest this year's color is a deep red.

With the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra and rumors of iPhone improvements limited to the high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max, there has been speculation that Apple will call the iPhone 15 Pro Max the iPhone 15 Ultra.

As of right now, the rumors are a bit unclear as to what sort of camera updates to expect from the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. The iPhone 14 added a handful of camera upgrades, including the Photonic Engine for improved processing and a dramatically better front-facing camera.

"I think Apple is going to be a big help to the market kind of like it has with, let's face it, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches," said Ramon Llamas, a research director at the International Data Corporation.

Like clockwork, Apple typically releases new Apple Watch models alongside its new iPhones in the fall. This year, however, we may see a more modest update than usual. Bloomberg reports that we shouldn't expect to see significant changes to the Apple Watch this year. What that means is unclear, but it's possible the watch could include routine updates like performance enhancements rather than significant new health-tracking features.

There haven't been many rumors or reports about whether to expect updated Apple Watch SE or Ultra models in 2023. But since Apple doesn't always release special-edition products on an annual cadence, it wouldn't be surprising to see Apple skip those updates this time around.

All told, the rumors, leaks and reports suggest 2023 could be a pivotal year for Apple's computing lineup. If Apple does announce its first mixed-reality headset, we'll get a glimpse at the company's vision for the future of computing. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been vocal about the potential he sees for augmented reality, but we haven't seen dedicated Apple hardware for providing those experiences yet. The arrival of Apple silicon in the Mac Pro would also mark the completion of Apple's transition to its homegrown Mac chips within its current lineup.

Of all the early iPhone 15 rumors, this one is the easiest to predict. The iPhone 14 launched Wednesday, September 7 and the release date was Friday September 16. If Apple stuck to a similar pattern, we could see the iPhone 14 launch September 6 with a release date of September 15.

Do take these renders with a pinch of skepticism, as it's early days for iPhone 15 rumors and there's scope for this design to change or get shelved completely given the iPhone 14 Plus hasn't sold particularly well compared to its stablemates.

The benefit here would be fewer moving parts exposed to external elements, potentially making for a more durable iPhone, while still delivering a tactile button feel via haptics. This has been used to great effect with the Force Touch trackpad on the MacBook range. So Apple could ape that with the next iPhone, if such rumors prove to be legitimate.

There has been some speculation that Apple may release an iPhone 15 Ultra, instead of the usual Pro Max model. There had been rumors of an iPhone 15 Ultra before, but it was speculated that this would be a fifth iPhone. Now it seems this may not be the case.

Details about iOS 17 changes are sparse at the moment. The biggest rumors suggest an overhaul to IMessage (opens in new tab) as Apple also opens up the IPhone to third-party app stores. One report claims iOS 17 may look more scaled-back than recent iOS updates, as Apple puts resources into its efforts to release a VR/AR headset this year.

I only bumped into the Series on Netflix in December 2022. I binged watch until now (Feb. 2023). They have become my family. I agree it is one of the best series to watch. The characters are wonderful, The horses, cows etc. the best. The Canadian Rockies absolutely breath taking. I lost my husband (the love of my life) one year ago. I give him credit for somehow helping me to bump into it. I cried a lot when Ty died and pretty much through season 13 and 14. I cannot wait to watch 15 and 16.

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