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How to Activate Any Adobe Product for Free with Adobe Universal Patcher v1.06

3.6 content files. content files means adobe assets provided as part of the services and software. unless documentation or specific licenses (including but not limited to additional terms) state otherwise, we grant you a personal, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable (except if you are a business, then sublicensable only to your business users), and non-transferable license to use the content files to create your end use (i.e., the derivative application or product authored by you) into which the content files, or derivations thereof, are embedded for your use (end use). you may modify the content files prior to embedding them in the end use. you may reproduce and distribute content files only in connection with your end use, however, under no circumstances can you distribute the content files on a stand-alone basis, outside of the end use.

Adobe Universal Patcher v1.06

7.3 entitlement. you have no entitlement to any additional entitlements granted by adobe through the provisions and defenses section of this section 7.3 (entitlement) other than those provided under section 7.3, entitlement. if any of the provisions of this section are found to be unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions of this section shall continue in effect and have the same effect as if this section had not been included. if any part of the entitlement is found unenforceable, the entitlement shall not apply to you and any licensing terms pursuant to the entitlement must be strictly construed and not construed to create a license where none was intended.

8.3 acceptable use policy; criminal and other misconduct. acceptable use policy. you agree to abide by and comply with adobe's acceptable use policy which is available at (the "acceptable use policy"). if your use of the services and software (i) is contrary to the acceptable use policy, (ii) causes damage to adobe, a third party, or a user of the services and software, or (iii) violates any other rights or obligations of adobe, adobes or third parties, we may revoke your adobe account (without prior notice to you), prohibit you from accessing the services and software, and/or pursue any other available legal or equitable relief or remedy.

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