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Elisha Vorontsov
Elisha Vorontsov

New Boyz - Better With The Lights Off Ft. Chris Brown

The popular director, who has helmed Brown's 'Next 2 You' and 'Look at Me Now' videos, is able to capture the spirit of the song, which talks about being with a beauty, but preferring to have his way with her. The song's chorus plainly explains, "Girl, you look better with the lights off."

New Boyz - Better With The Lights Off ft. Chris Brown

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The pop track was produced by the Cataracs, who are featured on New Boyz's single 'Backseat,' and is the second single from the Cali rappers' sophomore album, 'Too Cool to Care.' As far as their collaboration with Brown, Ben J explained that Brown quickly became one of the "boyz."

The song doesn't mean shes ugly... It doesn't even make sense to come to that conclusion if you listen to the song.The statement "I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Girl you look better with the lights off." If they were saying she was ugly, why say "I hope you don't take this the wrong way."? It doesn't make sense.They are saying that when the lights are turned off, most likely, your "in bed" having sex, meaning that she is naked. They are saying that she looks better naked. The lights being off is more of a setting or a play on words kind of thing, where you have to actually think about what he's getting at. He is saying that she is better looking naked, and without all her clothes n make up n all the stuff women put on to impress guys. Like, he doesn't care how she looks, because she looks "Better with the lights off!" Get it?

It means you look better with the lights off.. they say they want to turn kloe to kim.. i think hes saying ur body isnt that great once your actually naked.. so id rather imagine some other body. Or he means girls are less self conscious with the lights off so theyre not gonna be focused on hiding themselves if the lights are off and will just enjoy sex. But honestly I think he means your a beautiful face and your body looks great in clothes, but one you take them off its not that awesome, so I'd rather use my imagination on you cuz guys are good with their imaginations. 041b061a72

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